Throw back Thursday | LMK style

As I have been browsing through Instagram #throwbackthursday today, I got to thinking about my very own memory lane and reached deep into the pockets of the Apple’s Photos app. It is the current home to all my pictures, that were recently taken – less than a year ago and I found a folder with lovely beach photos, that I was so lured to open. Blue sea and sunny skies in the wet March rain, lavishly garnished with a ton of fog – yes, please! It turned out to be a 1 day getaway/meet friends thing at the black sea coast last summer.

I so, vividly remember that Sunday. Such an unusual one – I got up pretty early, hopped into the shower and got my hair done. Opened the vast closets and carefully selected my outfit of the day – I was about to meet with two girlfriends for a late brunch and wanted to look extra posh. Choosing that eloquent British word is done on purpose – to point out to the nativity of the above mentioned ladies – British, you guessed it!

I have met Luisa (and later on her lovely sister) a good number of years back. It stroked me then how astonishingly young she was, and yet, so accomplished. Needless to say, we got away with each other nicely and stayed in touch through the following years. Even, I started working for her as an external contributor to the business she was running back at that time. And I loved it! Being a freelancer, I am bound to be picky to whom I commit my services. I have set a rather high standard that all of my potential clients had to meet – integrity, business manners, straight forward easy communication, timely answers and proper payment. She fit the bill, than some. I got carried away with our job and thought how delightful it was to have such a business partner and enjoyed my assignments immensely. It was a very bittersweet moment when Luisa informed me she was shifting businesses – selling  her very successful one, in order to pursue a different career path – become a full-time image consultant and blogger! A rather sharp turn of career, I thought! Part of me was sad to lose such a good employer and thought that business move a bold and wild adventure, while the other part was celebrating her decision to try something completely new and follow her dreams. Little did I know that the bold career move would turn out to be a brilliant one!

LMK style services

Luisa applied all the business practices she acquired into her new field of work. Created an outstanding services for fellow girls and women around the world facing my every day dilemma – „What should I wear today“, „I have nothing to wear“, „I need new clothes – me, every morning“. How to find the perfect dress, how to focus the attention of the always judgmental people on the best in you, what color suits you best – questions that she addressed through her services and helped people find the right answers for themselves.

Beyond the visible with a naked eye, she actually offers way more than just image consulting advice. Her LMK style services have a real, meaningful impact on literally changing the lives if her clients. They empower women, equipping them with tools to become the best versions of themselves, boosting their self-esteem and their confidence in their own abilities to conquer the world. She gives them the leverage they need to progress through life successfully. And I call this an outstanding job and I feel privileged to know her personally and professionally and call her my friend.

Happy #throwbackthursday to you all!